Hi my name is Nadia. I shared anything happens in my life, and if you had the same thing, maybe this would help you in life.. Ask me anything you want!

Hi everyone! Today i’m in Hongkong! I flew to here, yesterday, super Late night. I’m gong to Shenzhen right now… (I took earlier holidaay😁✌️) off to gooo…..

What the hell. You told me what I have to do, but you didn’t do it for yourself too. What a bastard bitch.. (Oops, kinda true “lady”)

What’s up everyone?

God damn this practical exams is making me super exhausted. Wish I survive it well…🙏

Hi guys,how’s your day? It’s quiet a long time, huh?

Well, I have bunch of exams starting on next week and I need your blessings. This is very important exams because this is for me am I allow to go to the next grade or not. This is why I need your blessings.
Well, I tried and work as hard as I could, because like they say, blessings can’t be happened without trying.

Thanks for all of you who blessed me. May your life will be granted..☺️

vethebox asked: Hi,I like your blog very much

Hi VeTheBox! Thank you very much.. To be honest, lots of things I’ve been through even I’m young. I’m not like writing in books, so I write in blog. So some stories might inspire and help you. I’ll do my best to keep this blog running and helpful.

I also like your blog. I mean I LOVE it. It was very fashionable and inspiring just in case someone has a fashion disaster😁 even me. But I just can’t get that too much for reasons.

I might need your advices or suggestions.
Once again, thanks! 😄


This is the first time, my BFF + neighbour come by and play. And SLEEPOVER at my home. Super Excited!👯

OMG, it’s quiet a Long time since I post the last one. How’s your day guys?

OMGWTF. I got some score of my mid test. And IT SUCKS. it’s below the minimum. What’ve I done? I’m totally afraid they gonna be so on fire…

Ask please😁🙏

Please ask me anything you want.. I’m available and pleased to answer all of your questions and advices

What if your BFF is make you mad and messing you up

Bitch.. It’s just few minutes ago, I called her my best friend and I did ONE mistake, she really pissed of for opening her email. She use my devices all afternoon, she unplug my iPad without my permission, she took of my snacks everyday she found it, she asked me if I could buy it for her, I made her birthday present, she took my photo with bad face without my permission and she won’t delete it… WTH you bitch…

Won’t you guys will be mad if your BFF doing that. She say that I’m overreacting but that should be talked about, like she don’t know I’m hating her for MANY reasons….

You have rights to be mad to them. Don’t hold it by yourself. Or one day, they’ll use you and stabbed you behind…