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Undefined love

Hi everyone. It’s quiet long time, doesn’t it? Yeah I just gotta something to tell. Here we go…

So me and my BIG family had gathering and meet and greet together. I was with my grade 7 cousin. We were too close to separate. Yap, we had played together since we were little.
One time, my OTHER cousins (from a different grandparents but we had the same great grandfather). One boy shows up with his charm, doing performance with the other cousins. I do think he was different. He was a little bit cool too missed. So I approach the others, to get to know to him. We’ve finally know each other. From games with over 11 people. And at the end, we shared our social accounts just to keep connected.
The gathering is over. We all separated. Since that, we’ve began chatting like, I don’t know. Often. Funny. I don’t know. It was fun. We’ve began sharing our little secrets and also making it our own.
He’s the only one who make me feel beautiful like a girl should. He’s fun, caring, like you know what it feels like to “love” someone.
I don’t love him. I can’t love him. It’s forbidden and it against the law and religion (we are the same). It is so hurting, that why don’t someone else did like that, instead of him. Why? I just can’t and I don’t want to be hurt anymore. This is our story from my point of view. It’s nice and beautiful, yet forbidden.

What do you think? Any advices?

Hi everyone! Today i’m in Hongkong! I flew to here, yesterday, super Late night. I’m gong to Shenzhen right now… (I took earlier holidaay😁✌️) off to gooo…..

What the hell. You told me what I have to do, but you didn’t do it for yourself too. What a bastard bitch.. (Oops, kinda true “lady”)

What’s up everyone?

God damn this practical exams is making me super exhausted. Wish I survive it well…🙏

Hi guys,how’s your day? It’s quiet a long time, huh?

Well, I have bunch of exams starting on next week and I need your blessings. This is very important exams because this is for me am I allow to go to the next grade or not. This is why I need your blessings.
Well, I tried and work as hard as I could, because like they say, blessings can’t be happened without trying.

Thanks for all of you who blessed me. May your life will be granted..☺️

vethebox asked: Hi,I like your blog very much

Hi VeTheBox! Thank you very much.. To be honest, lots of things I’ve been through even I’m young. I’m not like writing in books, so I write in blog. So some stories might inspire and help you. I’ll do my best to keep this blog running and helpful.

I also like your blog. I mean I LOVE it. It was very fashionable and inspiring just in case someone has a fashion disaster😁 even me. But I just can’t get that too much for reasons.

I might need your advices or suggestions.
Once again, thanks! 😄


This is the first time, my BFF + neighbour come by and play. And SLEEPOVER at my home. Super Excited!👯

OMG, it’s quiet a Long time since I post the last one. How’s your day guys?

OMGWTF. I got some score of my mid test. And IT SUCKS. it’s below the minimum. What’ve I done? I’m totally afraid they gonna be so on fire…

Ask please😁🙏

Please ask me anything you want.. I’m available and pleased to answer all of your questions and advices